Monday, September 8, 2008

Fall 2008 Small Group

OK, Here are the dates for Fall Small Groups. I know everyone has enjoyed the sharing of our stories, so if there are any couples that have not shared yet (and want to share), please sign up to do so!

September 21st - ACU Summit (Lectureship)
October 5th - Rileys
October 19th -
November 2nd - Pittmans
November 16th - Reeses
December 7th - Z. Sheets
December 14th - (Christmas Party anyone?!)- Walters

Leave a comment with what date you want to host. I will put together a calendar with small group dates, birthdays, phone #’s, etc. as soon as this gets filled up! Thanks y’all!


David and Amanda said...

Pittman's are in to host on November 2nd!

Anonymous said...

The Rileys will take October 5th!

Ann Reese said...

Reeses can do November 16th! Thanks Kara.
Just a question, do we want to cancel Sept. 21st since it is the first night of lectureship/Summit at ACU? Any thoughts?

Nathan said...

The Sanders will take Oct. 19

Whitney Sheets said...

Landon and I can tell our story on December 7th at Zach and Kara's.