Thursday, August 4, 2011

Fall 2011 Sign-Ups & Important Dates

Leave a comment with what date you would like to host. I will update the dates below when they are taken.

September 11th -
September 25th - L & W Sheets
October 9th - Pittman's
October 23rd - Walters
October 29th - Halloween Costume Bash! (@ Sheets' Home)
November 13th -
November 27th - Stover's
December 4th - Campbell's
December 18th - Christmas Party @ Walters' Home (might be moved to 16th or 17th)

Aug. 30th- Kara's due date
Sept. 5th- Labor Day
Oct. 4th- Ann's due date
Oct. 7th- Shelly's due date
Oct. 15th- ACU Homecoming Weekend
Oct. 30th- Highland Trunk & Treat
Nov. 3rd-13th- My Sister's House Sale
Nov. 4-6- HEB Fall Retreat
Nov. 12-13- West Texas Girl's Conference
Dec. 14th- Cori's due date

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Spring 2011 Small Group Dates

Sign up in the comments section for which date you want to host small group.

March 6th-
March 20th-
April 3rd-
April 17th-
May 1st-
May 15th-
May 29th-
June 12th-
June 26th-

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Reese Family Wish List

Brynn-anything Tinkerbell!, little girl nail polish, things for her purse, bows, etc..., she is very much into carrying her purse around at all times and loves having her nails painted. Anything for making crafts, anything to glue on paper, stickers, water colors, etc....she loves to make things. Any cute little shirts, she wears 4T or 5T for some room to grow. Pajamas...DVDs of Backyardigans or other kids shows (our Doras are wearing out both the disc and our brains). And an easy thing to do would be to burn us a disc of your favorite kids songs, we only have one and again, losing brain cells here. :)

Meg- cute little shirts, leggings, etc...she wears 2T. She basically just follows Brynn around and plays with her stuff, so she'll be thrilled with stickers, little books, or stackable toys (like those little cups). Oh, and she loves those books that have musical buttons to push (she has a Baby Einstein one in her hand right now!). She loves dogs, so anything with dogs always brings squeals of delight. :)

Oh I don't know. I would love a couple new shirts (long or short sleeve) or light-weight sweaters from Old Navy or Target. I usually wear L or XL just depending (personal shoppers--love it!). I also thought it would be fun to get some Sonic cups (new ones of course) just to have for a downer day to make it feel like I made a Sonic run...I know that is weird but it would make me so happy. So if you can figure out how to get them here without holes, I would just do a happy dance! :)

any good books you think he would like, Old Navy/Target plain T-shirts/polo type shirts-L (preferably short sleeve if there are any available in this winter season), Taco Bueno Nacho Salad..... :)

Guacamole packets, Ranch packets, iTunes gift cards, chocolate....:)

We are blessed to have friends like yall. We are doing fine over here and most of those items are purely comfort items, we don't "need" anything per se. So we would be happy with just a bunch of Christmas cards and notes from yall!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Halloween Extravaganza...

Here are some pics from the party. You have one week to vote at the polls on the left!

Monday, September 28, 2009

Fall Small Group Sign-Ups

Here are the dates available for small group sign-ups:

Oct. 11th- Campbell's
Oct. 25th- Zach & Kara Sheets. COSTUME Party!
Nov. 8th- Walters
Nov. 22nd- Pittman's
Dec. 6th- (christmas party?)
Dec. 20th- Peterson's
Jan. 3rd- Stover's
Jan. 17th-
Jan. 31st-

This should get us through the new year! Just sign up in the comments section for which date you want to host.

In the near future, I might schedule a little lunch date to discuss what we want small group to look like for the fall/spring. Anyone interested in casting vision for s.g. can come.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Meals for Pittmans

Monday, Sept 22nd: Straders
Wednesday, Sept. 24th: Landon & Whitney
Friday, Sept. 26th:
Sunday, Sept. 28th: Spells
Tuesday, Sept. 30th: Walters
Thursday, Oct. 2nd: Stovers

Pittman's Info:
1102 Washington
Abilene, TX 79601
David's cell: 325.864.3368
Amanda's cell: 512.507.0584

Monday, September 8, 2008

Fall 2008 Small Group

OK, Here are the dates for Fall Small Groups. I know everyone has enjoyed the sharing of our stories, so if there are any couples that have not shared yet (and want to share), please sign up to do so!

September 21st - ACU Summit (Lectureship)
October 5th - Rileys
October 19th -
November 2nd - Pittmans
November 16th - Reeses
December 7th - Z. Sheets
December 14th - (Christmas Party anyone?!)- Walters

Leave a comment with what date you want to host. I will put together a calendar with small group dates, birthdays, phone #’s, etc. as soon as this gets filled up! Thanks y’all!