Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Summer Sign-Ups!

Announcing Small Group Dates for the Summer!!!

In the comments section, please sign up for a date to host small group. I wanted to mention to everyone not to forget the use of Highland's Building if needed. The summer will be hot, so if you want to lead small group but don't think your home can handle it, just use the building! Ask me for more details if you need them...

We will be doing testimonies during the summer and then continuing in the fall. When you sign up to host, you are also signing up to give your testimonies (or story of your life), meal planning & childcare planning.

June 1st- Walters
June 15th- Reeses
June 29th- Sheets
July 13th- Rileys
July 27th- Straders
August 10th- Pittmans
August 24th- Stovers
Sept. 7th- Campbells

We are in the process of planning a camping trip, Lake Brownwood Trip, and some Ladies Nights for the summer. Stay tuned for dates.


Ann Reese said...

Reeses will do June 15th. Thanks Kara for getting all this together. Sharing our stories sounds like a great activity for our group--can't wait to hear everyone.

Amanda Pittman said...

Pittmans will host Aug. 10th!

Sarah said...

Campbell's will take Sept. 7!

Nicole said...

How about we do July 27th.

Kate said...

We'll take Aug. 24th.