Sunday, January 13, 2008

Next Small Group

Here is your homework assignment before the next small group...Think of a song (preferably secular), poem, verse, paragraph from a book, or whatever else you can think of where you have felt meaning/God's presence. (example - I have a Coldplay song in mind that is worshipful). We will continue the theme of "The Gospel" in a worship-type service. Please get your song/etc to me before Sunday night so I can put them all together. Don't feel obligated to bring something if you don't want to. Call me if you have any questions.


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Anonymous said...

derran, zach, given to fly meaning from

"At the San Bernardino, CA concert, Eddie stated that "Given to Fly" was about a guy who smoked a joint and woke up with a pair of wings."

this is a fun website where people usually give their own opinions about songs but every now and then someone will say they really know what it's about because they've seen an interview or been to a concert or something. for the record most of the people who commented about this song on the website think it is about jesus. also for the record i know i'm a dork for actually going and looking this up.